The 1st New Board of Director’s Meeting of The Hellenic Community of Montreal

Paris Petrou/HCGM PHOTO
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Paris Petrou/HCGM PHOTO


On Tuesday July 5, the regular meeting of the members of the HCGM Board of Directors took place in the “Mikri Vouli” room of the Community headquarters, in the presence of media representatives and members of the Organization.

After the quorum was confirmed and a prayer was held, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Dimitrios Smyrnios, proceeded to the items on the agenda. Next to him was the General Secretary Panagiota Tsioutra. One of the main items on the agenda was the election of the Secretaries of the Board of Directors, whose names we publish next. The body also approved the officers with signing authority and set the regular meetings to take place on the first Tuesday of each month.

In his briefing, the President of the HCGM, Dr. George Tsoukas said that with the daily cooperation of the Executive Director Dionysios Kotsoros and the Department Directors, the new Administration is finding its stride in the events and responsibilities of the Community. At this stage, we are quantifying and defining our relationship as we are in the process of acquiring the relevant expertise.

“I am particularly impressed with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) programme, which will make the processes (of running the organisation) much easier and reduce costs,” the President said, adding: “Also impressive is the dramatic increase in membership enrolment, by about 25 per cent, reaching 4,000 members.

I urge you all, over the summer, to enroll even more members. We will soon be creating a membership card, which will offer various benefits to all our members.”

Community Treasurer John Roumeliotis, after informing that payroll deductions are being paid as usual, added that he will soon present the revised budget of the Community.

The President of the South Coast Regional Council, Afroditi Stathopoulou expressed her sincere thanks to all those who helped in organizing the region’s festival. The response of the people was impressive. “We have surpassed the fairs of the past few years in terms of success,” added Ms. Stathopoulou.

Laval District Council Chairperson Anna Georganta, in her update, reminded that the local festival will be held from July 8 to 10 and called on Board members to help as volunteers.

The President of the Montreal Regional Council, Dimitris Katsounis, informed that the Evangelismos Festival will be held after August 15, from August 19 to 21, as, this year, August 15 is a Monday, which will discourage those who are fasting to attend. In addition, the City of Montreal has not yet issued a permit for the event due to the technical works being carried out in the area. Should this not be done within the time frame we have, the fair will be held at another location. Finally, Katsounis added that volunteers will also be needed for the Panagitsa Festival.

The meeting concluded with questions from Board members and the media.


Board of Directors 2022-2025

  1. The Executive Committee (EC) of the Board of Directors (BoD)

1.1. Executive Officers and Members of the Executive Committee

Dr. George Tsoukas, President, Chair of the Executive Committee

Dr. Michael Tsoukas, Executive Vice President of the Community
John Roumeliotis, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
Panagiota Tsioutra, General Secretary, Secretary of Public Relations, Secretary of Marketing
Eleni Karteris, Vice President, Secretary of Education (Soc-Dem Schools), Secretary of Supplementary Education and Daycares
James-Demetrios Smirnios, Vice President, Chair of BoD
Marie Vlachakis, Vice President of Special Projects, Deputy Secretary of Social Services
Aphrodite Stathopoulos, Vice President, Chair South Shore Regional Council, Secretary of Ecclesiastic Affairs
Dimitris Katsaounis, Vice President, Chair Montreal Regional Council
Anna Georgantas, Vice President, Chair Laval Regional Council

1.2. Board Secretaries and Members of the Executive Committee

Constantine A. Kyres, Vice-Chair of BoD
Vicky Baffis, Secretary of Social Services
Nickolaos Fudas, Secretary of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation
Demetrios Lekas, Secretary of Real Estate and Procurement
Kostia Pantazis, Secretary of Inter-Relations
Michael Patsatzis, Secretary of Cultural Affairs
Kyriakos Polymenakos, Secretary of Human Resources
Dr. George-Orestis Tsoukas, Secretary of Youth, Secretary of Athletics
John Vathis, Secretary of Real Estate Maintenance

2. BoD Members

Andreas Athienitis, Member
Ilias Hondronicolas, Member
Vicky Kaliotzakis, Member
George Kanellakis, Member
George Karidis, Member
Gerry Kolaitis, Member
Dimitri Manikis, Member
Christos Sirros, Member

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