Out-of-control Public Relations Employee of the Hellenic Community of Montreal misleading BoD

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The situation at the Hellenic Community is tragic. The Board of Directors has lost control over their Public Relations Employee and the latter is misleading the executives to act in a manner which is outright wrong.

Last October, the president of the Hellenic Community was given to sign an improvised Media Audit informing our Media, that after “evaluation” we did not meet their “criteria” for popularity (readership, listenership and viewership), among other ad-hoc parameters, and proceeded to blacklist us.

The Hellenic Community of Montreal is not an Media Audit Bureau to undertake such evaluation, nor in a position to measure it — or comment as a matter of fact.

The president, unfortunately, signed that improvised Media Audit, without necessarily understanding the contents. Ultimately, it’s his signature, and unfortunately he is legally responsible.

Because that Ad-hoc denigrating “Media Evaluation” was condemned publicly by all major Greek Media, last week the Public Relations Employee presented another plan to specifically “exclude” us from reporting Board of Director Meetings and General Assemblies.

Therefore, we will no longer be able to report (Radio, TV and newspaper) on community events, to YOU, our readers, which the out-of-control Public Relations Employee of the Hellenic Community of Montreal, “evaluated” that you are not important!

Furthermore, on Saturday January 11 2020, the Public Relations Employee of the Hellenic Community of Montreal called CFMB 1280 AM, and divulged on public airwaves confidential business information related to advertising of XPONIKA newspaper, without our knowledge and/or consent.

The underlying problem is the out-of-control Public Relations Employee misleading the Board of Directors to satisfy his revenge goals, in the name of the Hellenic Community of Montreal, without taking into consideration, that his personal vendetta is putting the organization at risk.

It’s very unfortunate the Board of Directors allow an out-of-control Public Relations Employee to mislead an entire community organization, and insult YOU, the readers, as not of significant importance, motivated by revenge, to satisfy his personal vendetta.

Dimitri Papadopoulos,


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