2019 Fall Schedule for MONTREAL GREEK TV Channel
(Eastern Standard Time – Montreal):

00:00 Midnight Montreal Greek Community Show
01:00 Toronto Greek Community Show
Montreal Greek Community Show
02:00 Greek Diaspora Commission Update
04:00 American Diaspora Community Show
05:00 Greek-Canadian Archdiocese program
05:35 Deutsche Welle Greek TV service
06:00 Montreal Greek Community Show
07:00 Toronto Greek Community Show
Montreal Greek Community Show
08:00 Greek Diaspora Commission Update
10:00 American Diaspora Community Show
11:00 Greek-Canadian Archdiocese program
11:35 Deutsche Welle Greek TV service
12:00 Noon Montreal Greek Community Show
13:00 Toronto Greek Community Show
Montreal Greek Community Show
14:00 Montreal Greek Community Show
16:00 American Diaspora Community Show
17:00 Greek-Canadian Archdiocese program
17:35 Deutsche Welle Greek TV service
18:00 Montreal Greek Community Show
19:00 Toronto Greek Community Show
Montreal Greek Community Show
20:00 Greek Diaspora Commission Update
22:00 American Diaspora Community Show
23:00 Greek-Canadian Archdiocese program
23:35 Deutsche Welle Greek TV service


Montreal Greek TV is broadcasting to all OTT (Over-the-Top) IPTV platforms.

Montreal Greek TV channel is available on KODI, Roku, Android devices, MAG Box and Apple iOS devices via FilmON



Information for BDU’s, IPTV and OTT Service Providers:

MONTREAL GREEK TV Channel is authorized by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to operate in Canada.
(CRTC Licence Number: 1000-0000-000-0094)

As such, MONTREAL GREEK TV channel is available to be carried by BDUs (Cable-TV Service Providers), OTT distributors and by licensed IPTV carriers. Canadian service providers that wish to carry our channel enjoy premium exposure in our newspaper “The Montreal Greek Times”. BDUs can contact us to obtain our IP Video Feed.